Okay, so I’m not sure if you should use one blog to promote another, but I’m going to anyway.

I’m a massive bookworm. I always have to carry a book with me and am not happy unless I’ve read at least one page of it everyday.

Being a bookworm comes with the stigma of essentially being a hoarder of paper.

Until recently I found it impossible to not finish a book even if I was hating it. Thankfully I’ve existentially cured myself of that thanks to a dawning understanding of how many books I have left to read and how little time we have.

I find it very hard to give books away.

The problem with this not giving any books away is one of simple logistics; you end up with lots and lots and lots of books.

Most of them read, some of them rubbish, the top ones gathering dust and all of them taking space.

The thing is books are beautiful in form as well as function. They smell great, they feel great and they look better.

They deserve to be displayed in a way that is respectful and enhances this form. (Although in my house they end up in piles everywhere.)

Enter Bookshelf Porn.

Like all the best ideas this is so simple: a blog that collects photos of all the best bookcases from around the world.

And that’s it.

But God, it’s beautiful.

Messy bookcases, colour co-ordinated bookcases, modern bookshelves, cavernous old libraries, the coolest independent bookshops. They’re all in there.

And more importantly, in a world where we’re constantly being told print is dead, it reaffirms my love of the book and reminds me that I’m not alone.

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