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A couple of years ago, I was fortunate enough to visit Miami for a couple of weeks. Excited at the thought of sunshine, amazing beaches, good food and a buzzing party scene, I had no idea of the architectural beauty I was also about to see.

Unbeknown to me Miami has a substantial Art Deco district sitting right alongside the famous South Beach. The colourful hotels and buildings line up on Ocean Drive through to Collins Avenue and display a collection of pastel shades and bold design. From the Raleigh hotel to the Colony theatre, these buildings are now used in a number of ways but still all remain true to their original unique style. And it doesn’t stop with just the decorative exteriors - the art deco style continues inside with some of the most amazing interiors I’ve ever seen.

At night you certainly get to see another side. The building fronts are lit up with neon lights and writing. A fine example of this was The Clevelander, one of our favourite bars during the stay. This hotel has been a Miami hotspot for decades and although having been renovated over the years, it’s still striking to look at. 

The Art Deco buildings are an iconic part of the city and have been showcased in many films. The Carlyle hotel was featured in famous films such as Scarface and Bad Boys 2. The area has also attracted many famous people, from musicians like Frank Sinatra to Pop singer Shakira.

If you’re a fan of Art Deco, this is a must see. 

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