We’re really excited to announce that the online crime reporting service we developed alongside Sussex and Surrey Police is now being rolled out across forces in the East Midlands, including our hometown of Leicester.

Online Crime Reporting allows people to file a crime report online from the comfort of their own home, 24 hours a day. The report is then picked up by the forces’ investigation management department and dealt with just as a report over the phone or in person would be.

Members of the public are becoming increasingly accustomed to using online services for everything from shopping to banking, so it felt natural for forces to offer this option too.

The service aims to save both money and police time, helping to reduce the pressure on forces’ busy contact management centres. It will also help to improve the service offered to the public and enhance accessibility. By increasing the ways in which members of the public can contact the police to report incidents, people are able to choose a way which is most comfortable and convenient for them.

The system was thoroughly user tested at every stage of the project during its development. This ensured the service was fully accessible and easy to use for everyone, from start to finish. The project also earned director Paul a trip to Buckingham Palace to attend the Civil Service Awards, where it was nominated within the Innovation category back in 2015.

After the success of the pilot with Sussex & Surrey Police, we couldn’t be prouder to see all of our hard work being put into action on a national scale.

Read more about the service roll out in Leicestershire.

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