Here at RKH we love our charities. We have worked with various charities over the years, on a free or paid for basis, and we sleep easy at night knowing that we have helped worthwhile local causes in our home county.

Take Pro-Help for example. We have been members since it began around 12 years ago. Pro-Help is an organisation set up to help local charities receive work from professionals, who would have otherwise not been able to afford it.

Every year there is a team challenge, where many member companies help out. Kathleen Rutland House is a Vista home for the blind and partially sighted in Leicester. The sensory garden with outer pathway at this home had been overgrown and unusable for the past 8 years, with no staff able to maintain it. Pro-help sent in a crack team of gardeners to lend a hand, including RKH staff, and managed to achieve much more than expected. The residents can now make use of the garden once again - many of them didn't even know that there was a garden with a path there at all! (I think they thought it was a jungle)

Well done us! (just need to get time to tackle our own gardens now!)

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