The pandemic has dramatically shifted many people’s perspectives, and changed the way we look at our beautiful and fragile world. It’s been on our minds for a while now, that as an agency, we have a potentially significant impact on the environment. And that’s something we’d like to change for the better.

So we’ve set up a crack eco-team of RKHers to look into how we can help minimise our impact on the environment. To get us started we’ve joined Ecologi, and committed to becoming a climate positive workforce. It’s a big positive step forward, which will help to offset our impact whilst we’re looking into the bigger changes we can make as a business.

RKH as a company, and all of our employees, are now proudly climate positive. This means all of our activities, including both our work and home lives, are offset by the initiatives we support through Ecologi. So far as a business we’ve planted over 1,398 trees, and have offset more than 133 tonnes of CO2.

But this is only the beginning. Alongside continuing to offset our emissions through Ecologi, we’re keen to make some more fundamental changes to the way we work. So far we’ve looked into how we can be better at recycling, cut down on our paper waste, and make our office equipment more energy efficient. There are also some bigger plans for the future, such as making sure our energy supply is as green as possible, and that when we need to, we’re travelling in a more eco-conscious way. We’re also keen to support more of our great local businesses. These small changes all add up, and we know we can help to make a real difference locally, which in turn will create positive changes for the rest of the world.

You can keep track of our progress on our Ecologi profile:

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