Early last year we were employed by Leicester City Council to create a new visual identity for the city. This redesign was part of a greater economic action plan to help promote the city as a key destination following the success of Leicester City in the Premier League and the discovery of Richard III.

As part of this new identity, the council commissioned wayfinding posts to be placed around the city centre. These totems will help to direct visitors and tourists around Leicester, showcasing interesting areas and highlighting the best of what our city has to offer.

We advised on the colour palettes and font usage for the new signs, and each one also features our redrawn Leicester Cinquefoil. Our work has already been seen in various places around the city, including on Christmas guides, advertising for the comedy festival and a number of other promotions. However, this is the first place it has been used on a large scale, permanent item.

There are now over 50 of the wayfinding signs across the city centre and we can’t help but feel incredibly proud to see our work being used in such a prominent way in our home city. Discover more of the amazing design work produced by our team and let us know if you have a project we can help you with.

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