As part of our fundraising efforts for our Charity of The Year, LOROS, we’ve challenged the whole office to help us run and cycle our way to Paris.

We’ll be attempting to make it from our office in Leicester all the way to Paris over 3 working days, using a static bike and a running machine. According to Google Maps, that’s around 330 miles, which at a steady walking pace would take us an exhausting 89 hours. Yes, we’re aware that more of us spend our time eating cake than we do getting involved in anything physical. And maybe we might be feeling a bit overconfident about our abilities, but nothing gets us fired up like a challenge and raising money for a good cause.

The office has been split into 5 teams and the aim is that as a whole office we collectively make it to Paris. We can never pass up the opportunity for a bit of friendly office rivalry though, so the team that contributes the most miles to our journey will be crowned the overall winners. With a prize (and the glory) up for grabs for the victors, it’s every team for themselves!

If you’d like to help spur us on to reach our goal, you can sponsor us at:

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