2020 is one for the history books. The world has rapidly changed and growing accustomed to a new way of living and working has been a global phenomenon.

I think I speak for everyone at RKH when I say that video calls and dining table desks have taken a little getting used to. But as much as I miss the hustle and bustle of the PR and Social room, remote working isn’t going too badly after three months of adjusting and managing to curate some impeccable Spotify playlists.

I asked the team how they’ve managed to keep motivated whilst working from home. I found five common themes within the responses. They do say great minds think alike after all...

#1 Separate work and home

You know it’s time to start winding down when you hear those two words - “so… pub?”. Without one of Leicester’s finest licensed premises on the horizon at the end of the week, it can be a little trickier to understand when it’s time to switch off.

Sticking to our usual working hours and having dedicated workspaces has made sure that the boundaries between work and play don’t get too blurry. Making our desks look inviting so we actually want to sit at them is also a huge help; cosy as the sofa may be, it’s probably not the best environment for getting some quality work done.

#2 Get moving

Whether it’s an endorphin rush to start the morning, blowing off some steam in the evenings or getting away from our desks on our lunch breaks, lots of the team are finding that a boost to their activity levels has been really helpful.

I set myself the challenge of running a 5K in under 25 minutes before the end of lockdown. Chipping away at my times for two months has definitely crossed over into my work, keeping me focused and reminding me that any goal requires perseverance.

#3 Make lists

Visualising the day or week ahead - be that on a handwritten list or on an app such as Todoist - adds a sense of commitment and really does make each day seem less daunting when we see our priorities in front of us.

What’s more is that small sense of achievement when we get to put a big ‘tick’ next to it; little wins add up to big victories!

#4 Take some time

Gone are the days of morning traffic jams and train delays. Working remotely has reduced our commute to descending a flight of stairs with a quick detour to the kitchen to stick the kettle on (and check the biscuit tin / fridge).

The extra hour in the morning is the perfect time to take some pause and slow down. Some of our team have embraced their inner yogi and have been perfecting their lotus pose, others have taken the opportunity to learn about the psychology behind creating habits. So far I’ve mainly used the time to sleep in, but have also taken the opportunity to dabble in a bit of landscape photography.

It can be something as simple as switching off your phone for a couple of hours, but we’ve found that taking things at a slower pace has allowed us the time to think more creatively and pitch some really exciting ideas.

For one of our clients, we helped them keep local youngsters entertained while at home by asking them to design their dream bedroom, gifting a range of arts and crafts prizes to the most inventive creations.

#5 It’s fine to not be fine

It’s impossible to expect normal levels of motivation from ourselves when adjusting to a new way of working. When faced with a blocker, talking about it is a huge help in overcoming it.

Our teams stay connected by taking part in a stand up each morning, making sure we’re all aware of everyone’s workload and if any members of the team may need a fresh pair of eyes on a project. We’re still a team, even if we’re remote.

It’s often the small adjustments that can make each day seem that much easier. Be kind and understanding, make room for some downtime and maybe head out on a walk with a good playlist on. On that last point, if you’re in need of some recommendations, we’ll be back shortly with a rundown of what kept us entertained in lockdown.

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