Over the past few months we’ve been working closely with Vision Express on producing content for their blog. We’re really excited to hear that our blog post on royal eyewear style was recently featured in a Forbes article as an example of ‘How brands should use celebrities for endorsements’.

Two of team RKH can now claim to be as featured by Forbes! Content Marketer Steph and Designer Dom both worked on the piece, producing the content and a downloadable royal style guide, plus sharing graphics between them.

We created the article to tie in with the Queen’s 90th birthday, celebrating her long history as one of the world's most recognisable wearers of glasses. We also looked to the other members of the royal family, and took inspiration from their penchant for classic, timeless styles which work perfectly for an eternally stylish look. Each member was matched with a similar style of frames from Vision Express, offering a way to easily get their look for less.

Steve Olenski writes in the blog post: “It’s not that the Queen and her ilk have come right out and endorsed this particular brand, but they are smartly piggybacking on the strong brand of the royal family.”

Check out the full post on the Vision Express blog here.

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