Last week we challenged the team to reach Paris within 3 days using a static bike and a treadmill, all in aid of LOROS. Despite a 330 mile stretch of land and sea ahead of us we were feeling quietly confident that we could make it - and we did! We reached Paris just after lunch on day 3, and then carried on for another 79.5 miles! In total we ran and cycled 409.51 miles, and raised £1,056.00 for LOROS.

We can never resist a bit of office competition, so we split everyone into teams of 5, and challenged them to try to add the most miles to our collective total. Headed up by Kyle, team Bicykyle & Blisters snatched victory by just over a mile with an impressive 87.46 miles to second place team Where There’s A Will There’s No Way’s 86.42 miles!

To celebrate reaching Paris and everyone’s hard work to help us get there, we put on a feast of French food, beer and wine for everyone to enjoy.

Magdalena Korytkowska, Partnership Development Lead at LOROS said: "This event was an amazing success for the RKH colleagues. All donations towards our Hospice are hugely welcome and greatly appreciated. As an example, the money raised by RKH will pay for the cost of one of our specialist nurses for 10 days.”

So far this year, we’ve raised an incredible total of £1,357 for LOROS! Thank you to everyone who has donated.

There’s still time to donate if you’d like to:

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