The Menopause Awareness Raising Service works on behalf of the NHS and Public Health in Leicester to promote and educate people around the menopause through open dialogue, breaking taboos and creating supportive environments. Through engaging various sectors and establishing a network of Menopause Champions, they aim to increase understanding and support organisations to become menopause-friendly. Their ultimate goal is to reshape perceptions and highlight the positive side of the menopause through evidence-based information.

The Challenge

As a charity, the Menopause Awareness Raising Service operates within very tight budgets. Due to these financial constraints, we had to be very mindful of the sustainability of their site, ensuring that we create a flexible and user-friendly website within these limitations. To achieve this required careful planning and collaboration between our team and the client to allow us to deliver a website that fits their current and future needs.

The Solution

Recognising their need for an online platform, we designed and built a brand new website for Menopause Awareness. This was a totally collaborative effort, starting with a discovery meeting where we took a closer look at their business objectives, key stakeholders and target audiences. This is an incredibly important step as it provided us with valuable insights into their organisation as a whole and the unique challenges they faced. Kicking off the project with a discovery meeting gave us a holistic understanding of their mission and allowed us to tailor our approach effectively.

The Outcome

With a better understanding of the client and their needs, the outcome of our collaboration was the successful design and implementation of a user-focused WordPress website that aligns with their unique requirements and serves as a virtual hub for promoting menopause awareness. The website is a great addition to the Menopause Awareness Raising Service, allowing them to effectively reach wider audiences than ever before.

We integrated features essential to their business which included an Eventbrite plugin which automatically posts updates to their events page, freeing up valuable time for the client to concentrate on their core objectives rather than routine site maintenance.

The Team

Sophie Wiggins

Sophie Wiggins

Digital Project Manager

Jake Dickinson

Jake Dickinson

Front-end Developer