Saransh giving a talk in our meeting room

Earlier on today, our user researcher, Saransh Gupta, gave students from Loughborough University a tour of our user research lab and an insight into the importance of user testing.

Having graduated from Loughborough University himself with an MSc in Ergonomics and Human Factors, Saransh was keen to pass on his knowledge to current students and help them bridge the gap between academic theory and industry practice.

Saransh used his knowledge and experience to give the students a greater understanding of user research by talking through the different types of research that can be undertaken, the key personas that are used during user testing, how he goes about appointing individuals to take part in user research, and a comprehensive insight into his role at RKH.

The event gave next generation industry professionals an insight into how user research is changing the way organisations work and think about approaching the development of their next product or service.

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Harshul Modha

Head of Digital Production