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Here at RKH, we like to think of ourselves as a pretty creative bunch, both at work and in our spare time. We feel it’s something we all have in common, and it’s one of the things that’s helped to draw us together as a team.

Whilst we’re at work creativity can take the form of obvious things like design and composing copy, but we also find it in the less obvious places too, such as when crafting beautiful code, or finding an inventive solution to a problem.

Outside of work, lots of us like to indulge in our own creative pursuits and hobbies. Some of us may be writers, web designers, or account handlers by day, but beyond work many of us enjoy painting, photography or crafting in our spare time. The design team have a whole list of other skills under their belts outside of design too, from woodworking, classic car building and playing guitar, to a whole book about mushrooms!

We thought it would be nice to showcase some of our skills outside of our usual specialisms, to show how we’re all creative in our own way. So, here’s a peek at what team RKH get up to in their spare time.

Andrew - Designer

“When I'm feeling inspired, I always find that it is a good idea to scratch that creative itch!”

Pawel - Designer

“I design football infographics at www.football-infographics.com, and play drums and bass in two bands. I also play the guitar, which is the instrument I've played the longest.”

Liam - Senior Developer

“I've built some furniture out of scaffold tube and plywood/scaffold boards, made a couple of lamps by putting addressable RGB LED strips into aluminium extrusion with a Wemos D1 mini flashed with Wled. Sometimes I bake bread, and I've added underglow lighting effects to my bed and my sofa.”

Jim - Designer

“During lockdown I built a cabinet which will support a much larger fish tank that I’ve recently bought, and I do a bit of painting too.”

John - Creative Artworker

“I have a mushroom ID pocket guide book out, run The Mushroom Diary, and I also play in a Ska band called Kingsize.”

Jamie - Director

“Writing is my coping mechanism. It helps stop me going mad, and it’s been especially therapeutic over the last few years. My latest work, Kings of a Dead World, was released last year and is a dystopian sci-fi novel centred around ‘The Sleep’ - a solution to an overpopulated Earth’s dwindling resources. Check out the trailer for more.”

Melissa - Account Executive

“I sing with Johnny & The Goodtime Boys!”

Robyn - PR Account Executive

“During lockdown I’ve been drawing using my iPad, and I also love playing guitar and singing too.”

Fran - PR Account Executive

“Growing up I did lots of creative stuff, I painted this during lockdown one, but now I'm more into learning things like geography, nutrition and health and ancestry.”

Mike - Designer

“I made these (or perhaps more accurately painted and assembled them).”

Steph - Social Media & Content Manager

“I studied fashion design, and one of my favourite things I've ever made was my friend’s 60s/animal print themed wedding dress. I also love photography, painting and anything crafty.”

Paul - Director

“I design and build modified cars, Porsches and Saabs generally.”


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