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We asked members of the RKH team what they love most about working in advertising and creative – here's what they had to say.

Probably shared experiences. It allows people to find their people no matter where they are in the world. You could have any combination of interests but you’re guaranteed to find people who are into the same things and that’s been the case from when I started being Extremely Online in forums etc in 1997 to today! It’s just the platforms that change!

Selina Conroy, Social Media + Content Manager

The creative and super talented people I get to work with. Agencies are full of incredible do-ers, thinkers, writers etc. so working with people like that on a daily basis is really fulfilling. Seeing our hard work in the public domain. So much time and effort goes into creating great work for our clients, so when you see it on the telly, hear it on the radio or have it pop up on your socials it's very rewarding.

James Morgan, Senior Account Manager

I would have to say the collaboration and teamwork is what I love the most! There's a real sense of camaraderie and shared goals which makes the work really fulfilling!

Lauren Bolton, PR Account Executive

Love working in a creative industry, working collaboratively with professionals and working across a variety of different clients/sectors. There's never a dull moment!

Tristan Mutch, Senior Account Manager

In a word: Variety. New challenges from different clients in different industries. It's always changing, never boring, so I'm always adapting.

Dominic Palmer, Lead Creative

I guess I just love when we make a client happy with something creative and well thought out. We went to a meeting recently for a brand positioning presentation where we all presented our relevant sections – new creative concepts included – and it was amazing to witness their excitement. I also loved seeing how each of RKH's departments came together to build one story.

Melissa Cassidy, Junior Account Manager

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