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Taylor Wimpey is one of the UK’s largest and most respected housebuilders. We are their national PR, social media, and advertising agency, producing above-the-line and online campaigns at a branding level and managing the local PR, social, and advertising for the majority of their regional business units.

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Getting socialLooking after communities
365 days a year

Creating inspiring and informative posts to be shared across Facebook and Twitter was one of the primary objectives for Taylor Wimpey’s social media. We provide strategic direction, publish posts, and use paid advertising and boosting to amplify messages and target people. Our work on the inbound side of social media takes place 365 days of the year using a sophisticated communication strategy to make sure customer queries and messages are shared with the right Taylor Wimpey teams, efficiently and quickly.

Effective designFrom brochures to virtual tours

For over 15 years our team have worked with a large number of Taylor Wimpey business units all across the UK, liaising with a range of employees and stakeholders that include land and planning, marketing, and sales teams as well as external media agencies.

We produce all the printed brochure artwork for business units, drawing site plans and creating sales centre materials, in order to create a cohesive design journey for all customers. Our work also includes producing a variety of adverts, both digital and online, that include everything from bus rears and press adverts, to Facebook and Google ads.

We also take care of photography and videography for a number of the business units and produce virtual tours with VR capability that help customers imagine life within a Taylor Wimpey home before stepping foot in one.

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Regional PRPositive local perception

Working closely with the head office team we develop the concepts and create for their national PR campaigns, and have done so for over 2 years now. Our regional PR work with Taylor Wimpey begins at the very start of a development, during the planning stage, and continues right the way through to case studies of buyers settling in to their new home. Here we help to foster a positive local perception of Taylor Wimpey and support sales activity, as well as reaffirming the brand’s position as a leading housebuilder.

Positive press coverage both nationally and locally has been a great outcome of our PR and an important component in improving community perception of Taylor Wimpey amongst local residents. This runs alongside our crisis management work in which we provide carefully considered statements to ensure that whatever the story, a balanced press piece is delivered.

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When it comes to our other digital work, there’s plenty more to see. Dig a little deeper into what else we’ve created and the results that came from it.

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