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We’re excited to announce our new client wins. Over the past few months we’ve won pitches for some really incredible businesses, and we can’t wait to be able to show you what we’re doing for them.

Ozone Coffee

Based in London, Ozone Coffee are specialty coffee roasters with a focus on sustainability. The brand includes eateries in London and New Zealand, as well as a range of exclusive single origin coffee and blends. We’ll be creating two Shopify websites to serve customers both in the UK and in New Zealand. Alongside this, we’ll also be building a bespoke back office management system to help streamline internal roasting, packing and picking workflows. 

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society

Hinckley & Rugby Building Society prides itself on looking after its members and supporting local communities, and has seven branches across the East Midlands and Warwickshire. The team got in touch to ask for our help with a communications project. So far, we’ve drafted a variety of comms, including letters, website updates and a press release, as well as preparing marketing collateral. We’ve also helped the team with their social media strategy and look forward to planning more activity soon.


Rock Kitchen Harris

The Hummingbird