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Has Bean source and roast amazing coffee. Having built a strong reputation and a loyal, passionate customer base, rapid growth of the business meant that managing director Steve and his team felt a range of pressures on their old website and internal processes. With customer service as good as their coffee, an efficient website and system for packing and despatching products were vital. So we joined forces with them to help improve both.

The first step was to redesign their online shop, migrating them from their old site to the eCommerce platform Shopify. In a short space of time Has Bean became one of the platform’s best sellers. Following this initial success we knew we could do more for Steve and the team, helping to push their business even further.

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Bespoke PythonStreamlined warehouse

Using Python, we built a unique programme specifically for their needs. The programme enabled batch processing files to be generated and came with some nifty features, like the ability to create daily sheets for the roasters and pickers, or print coffee labels. This streamlined warehouse operations hugely.

Business process automationResolving an unmaintainable process

From further conversations (over a freshly roasted cup of coffee of course) we discovered that the team were using Excel spreadsheets to process their coffee subscription services. This was, and still remains, a huge area of their business so it was vital that a resolution was found to help them resolve this unmaintainable process. We developed a digital system to keep back office applications running smoothly and ensure payment services were better integrated.

With this in place, Has Bean became the first people in the UK to offer a coffee subscription service and we’re delighted to say they’re still the most popular today.

With a slicker website and more efficient internal system, their customers’ coffee supply was kept well stocked and the Has Bean team enjoyed a smoother way to work.

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